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About Eagle Mindset

We exist to connect you with Inspirational Resources and Support for a Healthy Mindset and a Happier Life. We now have a podcast on Clubhouse that delivers encouraging content and interviews with interesting guests from all walks of life who happen to be folks who are living productive lives with positive mindsets. We invite you to join our Eagle Mindset group. Explore our social platform and check out our online store with items that convey and support a renewed mindset.

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“Be Renewed in the Spirit of Your Mind"

Ephesians 4:23

Anthony Bruno

 Eagle Mindset

with Anthony Bruno


We specialize in inspirational Resources & Support for a  Healthy Mindset

Anthony Bruno Eagle Mindset
Getting the app
What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a social media platform. Just like Facebook, you download the app on your phone or iPad at no cost. There is no video. It’s audio-based. So, we don’t worry about our physical appearance.


 We have positive group discussions, conferences, special meetings. It takes just a few minutes to set up. We encourage you to share the podcast and this website with your colleagues, friends and loved ones.


Also, do check out our offers found in the store. You will find items that will enhance and support your Mindset and a Healthier You. ”  


About the Host

Anthony Profile Photo

Anthony Bruno


I am privileged to serve as a Public Servant, Counselor, Community Liaison and Pastor. I provide professional services to children and families in distress along with counseling. 

 I am a teacher, friend, mentor and encourager. I am also fortunate to have a Team of collaborators and friends that support our Eagle Mindset organization to impact many lives..

Anthony Bruno
Welcomes You to the




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John Puritz
"Anthony is a passionate, strong, mighty man of God, who is on a mission to impact the lives around him with the love of Christ. He leads an incredible podcast, filled with inspiring and amazing people that are building a community to transform the world around them.”

— John Puritz

CEO of Puritz Associates

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