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About Eagle Mindset

About the Host

Anthony & Jackie

Anthony Bruno


I am privileged to serve as a Public Servant, Counselor, Community Liaison and Pastor. I provide professional services to children and families in distress along with counseling. 

My team and I at Eagle Mindset are establishing friendships, networks that foster collaborations and opportunities in our local communities.  Our special guests on the podcast are real people with life stories and experiences that would inspire you to thrive and succeed in life and business.


You will note also that we have a world view that is based on Biblical principles. We believe in the dignity of every human being created in the image of God.  We invite you follow us on social media and join our various groups. Tell us your story.  become a member of of our wider family and positive mindset community. Remember that your were born for a higher purpose and with an innate ability to to rise and fly majestically in life. We provide you with inspirational resources and support for a healthy mindset. Do check out our store for free offers and accessories for sale in our store. Our items are selected with the goal of  helping you  increase your positive impact. We are fueled by a commitment to excellence. We go the extra mile with you. Do let us know how we can help.  Follow us on social media. Like and subscribe.

Connect to our Eagle mindset Podcast every Thursday LIVE at 7:00PM EST or catch the replays.

Jacqueline Bruno

Pastor, Family Counselor, Public Speaker, Community Liaison


Serving the Gulf Coast & the Treasure Coast of Florida

Photography, Gardening, Traveling          

English, Creole, Spanish, French

Married to: 

Professional Careers:






Awards & Recognition
  • Featured in Port St. Lucie Magazine

  • Featured as special guest on TBN

  • Award Recognition by the Kensington Neighborhood Association, Brooklyn New York

  • Various awards from The Department of Children & Families

  • Featured in several Treasure Coast newspapers

Eagle Mindset Family




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